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Demo Center

Take a look at LinkPlus's value-added distributorship model; Demo Center is a unique opportunity within LinkPlus's knowledge and experience-based pre-sales and after-sales services.

Demo Center offers its business partners an environment in which they can meet all kinds of IT needs. Our partners can share their solutions with customers at the Demo Center, so they can be more confident in the suitability of the proposed solutions. The Demo Center, where customers can participate remotely or individually, has been given a chance to experience the solutions closely and to be able to benefit from the offered product at the maximum level.

These exclusive underground partners, provided by LinkPlus, can also create their own testing environment or perform demo work at the same time. Platforms on which applications are available and hardware or software processes developed from the outside can be passed on here. At the same time the laboratory environments of the trainings can also be realized at the Demo Center.

Demo Center, one of the pre-sales and sales support tools provided by LinkPlus's value-added business model, has been in use for a long time with Oracle products, and our distributorship network is being used entirely in Hitachi, Splunk, Trend Micro, RedHat, Versa Networks, MobileIron, PTC and Veritas.

Redington Group as one of the most well-known IT corporations, operates in 37 global markets including Turkey, Middle East, and South Asia.

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