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Red Hat

Red Hat technology meets LinkPlus's value-added business model. LinkPlus offers pre-sales and post-sale service for Red Hat through your partner or directly to the end user. Users are provided with the knowledge and experience of Red Hat and the solution that best suits them.

Linux Platforms

Red Hat Enterprise Linux enables you to increase productivity through modernizing, standardizing and virtualizing your infrastructure. The data center provides you with the tools you need to create an open, mixed IT cloud architecture. Red Hat Enterprise Linux has the flexibility to adapt to today's challenges and tomorrow's demands.

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JBoss Middleware

Your look on applications will change. Red Hat JBoss Middleware provides cloud-based services from developer tools to data management; so you can improve your applications faster, more flexible and smarter.

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Virtualization Platform

The Red Hat Virtualization Platform provides a virtualization solution for your servers and workstations. The outcome of your job depends on having a durable and convenient infrastructure. Go beyond time and scale the challenges that business demands will cause.

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Cloud Computing

With Cloud Computing from Red Hat, your IT organization offers more agile and flexible solutions while retaining the value of your business. Cloud Computing is an open technology developed for the cloud.

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With our unlimited storage, you can easily manage all your unstructured or semi-structured data in physical, virtual and cloud environments.

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Mobile Platform

With Red Hat Mobile Platform, you can move your applications to mobile environments. Mobilizing your business processes and practices increase your productivity and enable you to interact more effectively with your customers.

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With Red Hat Management, you can manage operations for today's IT. With our open management portfolio, you can make your projects manageable. Adopting this idea and choosing the right tools creates a solid foundation for your cloud and workflow in your business.

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Financial Services

Market opportunities in the finance sector are growing faster than IT budgets. You then have to cope with the large amount of data and complex operations that occur.
More than 50% of financial IT operations in the world are being processed on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Red Hat has always been a leader in solving IT problems to protect its competitive strength. That's why Wall Street, global investment banks, retail banks and insurance companies have adopted Red Hat for their IT needs.

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Even if your budget is getting narrower, you have to offer more each year.
Red Hat public technologies make you more productive by using the power of open source communities while at the same time meeting critical IT demands and improving service delivery.

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The healthcare sector is improving; and your organization must keep up with the changes, connect with the health care community more often, spend less money on inefficient business models and reduce costs. All of them must be reliable and of excellent quality. As the world's leading open source provider, Red Hat has the expertise to set up or integrate your IT infrastructure for you.

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Red Hat offers a complete software foundation for CSPs (communication service providers). Working with industry-leading partners and trusted open source communities, we bring innovative solutions to the telecommunications industry such as network virtualization, cloud migration and software-defined storage.

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Redington Group as one of the most well-known IT corporations, operates in 37 global markets including Turkey, Middle East, and South Asia.

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