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The newest member of LinkPlus, expanding its network of distributors: Hitachi family of products meet with value-added service model.

The pre-sales and after-sales support by LinkPlus based on information and experience is combined with Hitachi's products and industrial solutions. We offer Hitachi solutions with the value-added distributorship model provided by LinkPlus's Demo Center.


Reach a simpler, more innovative and more conscious infrastructure with a powerful storage solution that is both productive and low-cost.

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Big Data Analytics

Look back at your great deviant expectations. Scalable data management and analysis solutions provide an environment where probabilities can be analyzed more quickly and the problem can be solved faster.

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Internet Of Things

Hitachi Internet of Things brings together objects and larger systems. Produce more meaningful and bigger solutions than small pieces.

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Converged Infrastructure

Get a modern and fast infrastructure while reducing costs with centralized computing, server, network and other IT components on an integrated and scalable platform.

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Upgrade to enterprise-class and enterprise-ready server solutions that maximize platform efficiency while at the same time reducing costs.

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Data Protection

Protect your data at a lower cost with our modern, holistic approach to backup, recovery and storage.

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Application Solutions

Upgrade to agile and flexible solutions with high application service level for critical workloads.

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Industry Solutions

Ensure your operators find solutions faster, more innovative and more efficient with solutions developed with high technology in industrial markets.

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Get better results from your digital communications infrastructure investment, cut costs and get new revenue streams.

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Financial Services

Establish the basis for your relationship with the global financial community, which is undergoing rapid change.

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It is possible that cities provide better service with unified and real time data platform.

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Healthcare and Life Science

Get more efficiency and better health outcomes in patient care data management solutions with secure, end-to-end data analysis.

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Modern retail needs real-time data analysis and mobilization services; innovate faster with our data management foundation.

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Media And Entertainment

Get new speed levels, productivity and usability for publishing, post-production, and digital advertising workflows.

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Accelerate decision making with renewable applications and unified, secure oil / gas and start using new services.

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