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PTC Will Grow in Turkish Market With LinkPlus

LinkPlus which is the first distributor of Oracle in Turkey and carrying out this mission acutely for 25 years, has also successfully carried out its partnership with important companies such as Hitachi, Red Hat, Trend Micro, Splunk, Versa Networks, Veritas and Mobilelron. Thanks to its demonstrated performance, in 2016 LinkPlus has joined Redington. As of June 2018 has signed an agreement on which it has undertaken the authority of being Turkey’s distributor of PTC which has a revenue exceeding 1.6 billion dollars and provides solutions in areas including Computer Aided Design (CAD), Product Life Cycle Management (PLM), Industry 4.0, Service Life Cycle Management, Internet of Things (IoT) and Augmented Reality (AR). Thanks to its new partnership LinkPlus which has been widening its distribution and service network day by day, will offer great opportunities for the companies which want to catch up with the global competition by adopting rapidly developing new technologies. 

LinkPlus which has been representing Oracle successfully for 25 years and adopts solution provider aggregation approach by becoming one of the foundations of Redington, is carrying out its business partnerships successfully with the important companies such as Hitachi, Red Hat, Trend Micro, Splunk, Versa Networks, Veritas and Mobilelron.

with its value-added business model, LinkPlus which is offering technology products to a large number of sectors with its business partners working in the fields of information, technical support and consultancy services is expanding its distribution network day by day. The new step of this powerful and remarkable growth is signing a new business agreement with PTC that provides solutions in the fields of Computer Aided Design (CAD), Product Life Cycle Management (PLM), Industry 4.0, Service Life Cycle Management, Internet of Objects (IoT) and Increased Reality (AR).

PTC which provides service for more than 800 companies worldwide by operating in sectors such as Industry, Automotive, Electronics and High Technology, Retail and Consumer, Medical Devices, has more than 6000 employees in 30 countries, 1150 business partners and 300,000 solution developers.

LinkPlus General Manager Cem Borhan, who stated that they will help companies and institutions to adapt to the latest technologies through their cooperation with PTC, said: “The IOT market continues to increase its impact and grow rapidly. Quick adaptation to technology, increasing security threats, customer demands for improved productivity and low total cost and future technologies like 5G are expected to move IOT market to any further. Thus, those who are able to adapt to this rapid turnaround quickly will be profitable. Thanks to this business alliance that we have founded with PTC, we will help many companies to adapt to this process a lot easier and to stand out in the global competition.”

PTC Turkey and Greece General Manager Bilgehan Baykal who stated that they are expecting that technological investments will increase day by day and therefore they had their partnership with LinkPlus in the best time, said:

“As PTC, we are shaping the industry 4.0 revolution with the investments that we have made since 2013. Turkey has a great importance for our company which is determined as the market leader by IDC, Forrester and Gartner. In this direction, by opening our first office in Istanbul in 2017 we have consolidated our investments in Turkey that we have been putting since 2014. Thanks to this cooperation with LinkPlus, we have started to bring our solutions together with the companies in Turkey. We believe that LinkPlus's international standards of service, knowledge and experience combined with PTC's superior and innovative technology will enable the business world to quickly adapt to the services offered. We are pleased that we will put into practice our vision which plans to offer and design all of the processes from sales to service, training to customer satisfaction  with our partners and to present it to the last user with our value-added distributor LinkPlus.”

About LinkPlus and Value-Added Business Model

It is a foundation of Redington Gulf which is one of the biggest and rapidly growing regional distributors of Computer Technologies sector in the Middle East, Turkey and Africa. Its regional presence includes a network of sales, service and logistics centers across 24 countries that are part of the region's most comprehensive Supply Chain Services network in IT distribution. LinkPlus's main objective is to provide products and services through business partners who operate in the fields of information, technical support and consultancy services with an understanding of the value-added business model. LinkPlus offers Demo Center services with technical support through pre-sales and after-sales services which are based on knowledge and experience. The value-added business model approach of our company has carried us beyond from being a company which deals only with financial transactions and holding stocks, to a company that brings new values and provides financial products and services to its customers. In line with this understanding, LinkPlus is expanding its distribution network day by day and has become a leader in the sector.

About PTC

PTC helps companies around the world rediscover the way they have designed, manufactured, operated and serviced in a smart, connected world. In 1986 PTC has revolutionized in digital 3D design and in 1998 has started marketing with internet-based product lifecycle management. Today, with its leading industrial innovation platforms and proven solutions on the scene, it helps its customers to reveal the value of the convergence of physical and digital worlds.

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