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LinkPlus and Veritas Business Partners Launch

On 20 November 2018, the launch of the LinkPlus and Veritas business partners in Feriye / Ortaköy was complete with the participation of 17 different business partners and 46 people!

LinkPlus, which stands out with its robust distributions in the field of informatics, provides a significant contribution to data protection, backup and data security to the institutions that leads global market.

Bahadır Öztürk, Veritas Turkey Channel Sales Manager, says that “ As Veritas, we continue our growth potential, we have achieved with the successful work we're doing for three years, and we want to build an even stronger channel ecosystem to move forward. In the light of our main goal, which is including business partners that have new models in our existing channel ecosystem and contact with different sectors, we sign an agreement with LinkPlus. With this cooperation, we aim to go one step further. LinkPlus with industry experience and Advanced channel ecosystem, plays a fundamental role in this field.”

“The cloud market in Turkey will grow faster, thanks to this cooperation,” says LinkPlus Business Unit Director Cenk Soyluoğlu. “With the support of driving force of the powerful synergy that we have created with Veritas, will add value to Turkey's IT sector. As Bahadır mentioned before, we aim to reach this success of Veritas to more organizations.

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