Brand Name
  • Oracle Innovation And Modernization Center (IMC)

    Oracle Migration

    All the resources you need to perfect your solution in one place! Moreover, the Oracle Innovation & Modernization Center requires no expense.

    • IMC offers a professional and secure work environment that meets all your development and testing needs with highly sophisticated data center editing equipment, highly experienced product experts in their fields.

    • Highly experienced Oracle consultants will be available to you and will provide you with expertise in Oracle solutions and new Cloud services and answer all your questions. Oracle IMC provides support for business partners to access, connect, and deploy Public Cloud.

      Business Partners can easily book for workshops organized by the IMC. Workshops usually take a day or two and focus on Oracle Database and options, or middle tier products, and Oracle Cloud - IaaS and PaaS services. Partners can test, develop and optimize their own solutions on professional data center server equipment during workshops.

      We offer a professional environment supported by experienced product experts at Oracle IMC. Book from Oracle IMC for our workshops and benefit from several different services.

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